There's a new-wave of pedestrians in town: a new generation of consumers. These thrifty fashionistas want to preserve clothing using traditional methods with a punk sensibility versus the new wanderer tourists that have emerged in the post covid era. From the digital nomad, to the sustainable traveller, the slow traveller, the wellness seeker and the purpose-driven traveller, all can be seen.

Amsterdam, known for its perpetual state of transformation, is a place where work is never complete. This essence permeates the garments, with scaffoldings serving as a muse, influencing textures and shapes found in the designs. The interplay of mesh and reflective elements mirrors the city's constant interplay of light and shadow, creating captivating visual dynamics.


Creative Direction: Eduardo Leon

Casting: Vein Agency

Photpgrapher: Giovanni Salice 

Assistant Photographer: Vitor Altschul

Hair & Make up: Anna Held

Assistant Hair & Make up: Divine Tayrus Dalid

Assistant Design: Emma Milicevic

Production: Alice Simpson