Welcome to Avoidstreet—an Amsterdam-based brand reshaping fashion through Clothes, Jpegs, and Lyrics. Founded in 2017 by designer Eduardo Leon. Avoidstreet's creations are a fusion of Peruvian folklore, tecnocumbia, and Milanese timeless elegance.

Avoidstreet transforms fashion into a collaborative art form, with each piece as a hyper-adaptable canvas, ready for sampling, deconstruction, and remixing. Our creations bridge the gap between commonplace and high fashion, offering distinctive one-of-a-kind editions and ready to wear.

For collaborations and inquiries, reach out to us via email.

Founder & Designer
Eduardo León


Our Polite Society

Previous Interns
Alice Simpson, Enzo de Tandt, Emma Burkel, Itziar Domingo

Nikola Lamburov