AVOIDSTREET is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary creative studio that fuses fashion, graphic design, and performance. Through collections, collaborations, exhibitions, and workshops, AVOIDSTREET has developed a unique creative vocabulary rooted in remixing cultural techniques. AVOIDSTREETS’s vision extends beyond clothing production, emphasizing that fashion is not just a commodity but a powerful tool for community-building and critical discourse. AVOIDSTREETS’s visual strategies revolve around sampling, collecting, filtering, and composing, resulting in a distinctive brand identity captured by its slogan: Clothes, Jpegs & Lyrics.

For collaborations and inquiries, reach out to us via email.

Founder & Designer
Eduardo León


Our Polite Society

Previous Interns
Alice Simpson, Enzo de Tandt, Emma Burkel, Itziar Domingo

Nikola Lamburov