In 2019 Clothes, Jpegs & Lyrics was my first solo show at Lauwer Gallery in The Hague. Dal Choda wrote a review on Wallpaper


Fashion is about renewal, of the season, of a style, of identities. Nowadays this is equal to the discarding of clothes. Packed closets and factory overproduction articulate the drawback of mass consumption. The value of a garment is called into questionfor how remarkable is something that can be replaced at any moment?

Clothes, Jpegs and Lyrics takes on discarded clothes as topic. Avoidstreet uses fashion's flip side, where images are more important than the actual wearing. Recycling is central. Clothes are resurrected because they are captured anew. The work in the exhibition embraces the visual strategies used by big brands, of which attach great significance to graphic design and photography. This way, an entire world is being built around the clothes, as one big fashion show with music. Live-size scans and press prints belong to the other techniques Avoidstreet uses. Pre-existing clothes people no longer want survive as crafted objects, new installations and subtle performances. They are not merely reduced to images, but strikingly stand up for what they are: Clothes, Jpeg files and Lyrics.


The specially-made sculptures for the exhibition were designed and produced in collaboration with my father. To contextualise the exhibition, an opening speech was held by writer Tamar Shafrir and a Q&A was moderated by Anna Kruyswijk, director of Lauwer Gallery.